one too many plants.

August 21, 2011

I thought perhaps you might like a glimpse at how jungle-like our greenhouse of tomatoes really is.  i was not exaggerating.  if U.S. currency were to suddenly switch to from dollars to tomatoes, we would be extremely rich.  in fact, on that thought….perhaps the government SHOULD change U.S. currency to said fruit.  i am pretty certain that between ourselves and my prolific tomato-growing mother-in-law, we just might have enough “money” to solve the debt crisis!  I mean let’s be honest—have the government’s  other ideas really been all that less far-fetched??  but i digress.  andy said, after crawling on hands and knees under a canopy of vines to reach a ripe tomato,   “i don’t think i should plant this many next year”. 


Andy is spending the weekend with his boss in Wisconsin.  They are going to a monster truck show and a stock car race.  should be a loud weekend, if nothing else.  I will be spending some quality girl time with my lady-friends.  should be much less loud.  although, we will have 2 babies and a two year old with us.  so, on second thought…andy and i may have pretty comparable weekends. 

me & my bean sprout.


2 Responses to “one too many plants.”

  1. Stephanie Lindstrom said

    Awesome!!! Hope you are willing to share your wonderful, homegrown tomatoes!!!

  2. Patty said

    🙂 Both great pics! I hope you had a beautiful weekend. Super awesome tomato jungle!

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