begin again, again.

August 10, 2011

hm.  so much for posting once a week.  seriously, can i not even follow through with that?  dave, you are my inspiration.  were i to be like you, motivated, dedicated and the master of follow through, i would, among other things, have many more posts under my belt.  (you are the second thing that google brings up when you search!!) but.  we can’t all be dave schmidt, now can we.  who would represent those folks who operate under the ever popular “road to you know where is paved with bright, shiny good intentions” model?  worry not, fine comrades.  i have your back. 

much time has lapsed.  and much has changed.  everything around here is GROWING!  The pigs are, well, enormous.  and incredibly foul smelling (if you desire to have your nose hairs singed by the smell of vinegar, wander on over to the schmidt house, you will not be disappointed).  We are looking to butcher these fine specimens of rapid weight gain in September.  And we hope to try our hand at fun pigish edibles such as cracklings, headcheese and guanciole.  it will, as always be an adventure.

fat. yum.

the turkeys, rest their souls, are spending their summer days in the deep freeze.  (might i admit, there were a few days in late July where i was half tempted to join them, sans freezer paper, of course.)  we butchered them nearly a month ago, well before we had intended.  but the little hobos were disappearing at a rate that left us no choice.  in 4 days, we lost 7 of the 15 turkeys to wander lust.  sad really.  though it is comforting to think of them whistling a melancholy tune as they watch the sunset from a boxcar as it rattles eastward.  nonetheless, we butchered all but 2 of the remaining turkeys, scalded, plucked and wrapped them, and laid them to rest in the bottom of our new chest freezer.  don’t ask me why we allowed two to live…we just did.  and they are big and beautiful and weird.  we named them mitch and kathyann after our newly wed friends, only to realize in recent weeks that they are both toms.  oh well. 

synchronized roosting.

and the chickens are fine.  i’m not including a picture of them because they annoy me.  especially lebowski.  he really, truly never shuts up.  4am?  sure, why not.  noon? oh yeah.  3:30?  a fine time for a crowing.  8pm?  gotta shut the place down, don’t i?  geesh.  enough is enough. 

and the newest addition to the schmidt family–50, make that 49 (one was DOA) meat chickens.  these were purchased the day after we butchered our turkeys as a way to plump up (pun intended) our freezer.  they are doing well.  and growing remarkably quickly.  when you step into the garage it is practically deafening, all their tweeting.  and man, oh man, can they eat!  if there were money to be made in chickens entering hotdog eating contests, andy and i could both quit our jobs and rest on the fattening laurels of our meat birds.  but, since there isn’t, we continue to work to support the eating habits of our livestock.  

new york city.

and, because we are on the subject of birds, sparrow is of course, very well and cute.  new tricks include: going crossed eyed while reaching for toys held in front of her, successfully grabbing the toys, chewing on a plastic letter “E” and rolling from her belly to her back.  and of course, wowing everyone she sees with her blue eyes and ridiculous hair.  boy howdy, we sure love her a lot. 

the best bird we know.

i forgot to take a picture of the garden, so that update will be soon to follow.  i assure you we are dining fine on all our produce.  namely, this time of year, sweet snap peas and green beans.  oh the thrill of it all!!


3 Responses to “begin again, again.”

  1. Patty said

    Glad to see you’re back, and what you’ve been up to. We’ve got to see it all in person soon! Especially the pigs. Gotta love pigs. And the turkeys doing ballet. 😉

  2. The RVLC blog is part of my business plan so I’ve got some good motivation to keep it going! Your blog posts are packed full of adventure and crazy north woods living while mine are usually about things like dust balls or brief musings on steers that remind me of hobbits. Plus I don’t have a dog or pigs or turkeys or meat chickens or a young daughter…. so I am drowning in free time! (well not exactly)

  3. whiskydrinkinchimneysweep said

    You should try making scrapple using the neck bones. Delish.

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