birthdays and other ramblings.

May 29, 2011

Well, I am pleased to announce that we just celebrated the two month birthday of our most favorite bird.  Now, I must say that acknowledging Sparrow’s two month “birthday” and walking around all day saying “today is Sparrow’s 2-month birthday” is not unlike those (annoying) couples who know EXACTLY how long they have been dating and are determined to celebrate their 3-month anniversary, their 4-month, 15th-month and the “day we first knew” anniversary…a trait which, to be honest, strikes me as not only strange but marginally pathetic. (no offense) So, the fact that I am doing the same thing with my daughter drives me crazy.  BUT.  I can’t help it!  Because, unlike those lovey-dovey couples who are celebrating the passing of days which are really mostly identical and unchanging—I am celebrating the passing of days that bring about HUGE change.  Like her smiles (which melt andy’s heart) and her new noises and her little periscope head so much more supported on her string bean neck and (most important!) the increasing number of hours she goes between eating at night (bless her).   Our little bird is morphing right before our eyes–becoming more human and less amoeba, more Sparrow and less generic baby.  So, happy 2-month birthday, Sparrow bird.  We love you.


Other than celebrating birthdays, the Schmidts have been busy, busy, busy with spring-time things.  We enjoyed our first home-grown salad at dinner–a glorious, green mess of spinach, lettuce and arugula.  Until we had this first salad, Andy was resisting the urge to get down on hands and knees to graze in our greenhouse.  I am pleased to announce he did resist and sat, very civilized, at the table to enjoy his greens.  Though we both tossed our forks aside and ate our salad with grubby fingers as recommended by the brilliant Alice Waters.  And since our forks had gone the way of Hammer pants our salad had to be accompanied by other finger foods.  We chose buffalo burgers.  Now if you have never had a buffalo burger on the grill, you have not lived.  Or at least you have not had the pleasure of a buffalo burger, a meat unsurpassed by any other I have tasted.  We always make four quarter-pound patties and we always eat them all.  Which means, I eat two burgers for dinner.  Does that make me a pig??  Probably–but I’m one happy pig.  Add the intoxicating smell of charcoal wafting from the back deck and a Fat Tire beer and well, life is practically perfect.  One is so delirious with bliss, one completely forgets that, despite it being May 27th, it never got above 40 degrees all day. 

mind-melding meal.

And since we are on the subject of food, I should probably share one of my favorite cookie recipes.  In this house, cookies get eaten by the bucket full.  Its terrible and wonderful all at the same time.  I make cookies at least once a week, alternating almost exclusively between chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.  We can’t go wrong either way–sometimes you crave the crunchy, sweet of a the triple-c and sometimes the chewy, “its healthy because it has oatmeal AND raisins in it” of the oatmeal raisin.  This week, we craved the latter.  We never stray from our stand-by recipe from the delightful Smitten Kitchen website (this women is BRILLIANT).  So if you are in the mood for the cookie that lies to you, “i’m healthy, really” and goes exceptionally well with a fresh brewed cup of coffee at breakfast (is it really THAT different from a bowl of oatmeal??) you should try this recipe. 



In other Schmidt family news, Whitey, our Leghorn hen, took an unfortunate fall into an oil bucket and came out looking like, well, like a chicken dipped in motor oil.   Our neighbor suggested we sprinkle soap powder on her and leave her out in the rain.  We opted for simply leaving her in the rain and since the unfortunate episode, her coloring has faded and she simply looks like an official member of the Schmidt family–covered in dirt. 


Andy is busy building a coop for our turkeys.  I will keep you up-dated on this as it progresses.  And our garden continues to get planted.  This week we introduced the beet to our soil.  We love beets, especially the pickled variety.  I wish they would make an actual pickled beet seed variety, one that grew cute little ball jars of ruby red jewels.  It would save me a step, anyway.  But really, I would truly miss this thrilling “plink!” sound that the jars make when sealing.  The reassuring sound that the next 6 months will be filled with the mouth-staining joy of pickled beets.



beet seeds.


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  1. You really know how to turn a phrase! Your posts are so well written. I’m loving reading them! I’m jealous over your spinach and lettuce. Can’t wait for some of that. If you read my latest blog post, you’ll see why I feel so jealous (in a friendly way, of course) over your success. Great job, you two!

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